Thigh folding with a Swiss ball

Thigh flexion with a Swiss ball is a multi-joint exercise to improve the balance, strength endurance and shape of the back thigh muscles. To do this you will need a Swiss ball and a training mat. Its level of difficulty is moderate and anyone training with at least a few weeks of experience in ball exercises can cope. Compared to the isolated hip flexion of a machine , the use of a Swiss ball offers the possibility for a wider load on the muscles, which includes many stabilizing and supporting muscle groups:

Main muscle groups

  • posterior thigh muscles (Biceps femoris, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus);

Supporting muscle groups

  • long spinal muscles;
  • closing thigh muscles (Adductors, Gracialis);
  • sewing muscle (Sartorius);

Stabilizing muscles

  • gluteal muscles (Gluteus maximus, Gluteus medius, Gluteus minimus);
  • oblique abdominal muscles (Obeliques, Transverse abdominis);
  • rectus abdominis (Rectus abdominis);
  • posterior shoulder heads (Deltoid posterior).


Exercise is not recommended for people with disc herniations and spinal deformities . People with problematic knees should also avoid movement. If you are overweight, it is better to focus on machines.

According to the technique of execution:

  • folding with two legs – standard technique
  • one-leg folding – 100% increased intensity, much more difficult balance


  • Place the mat on the floor and place the ball at one end.
  • Take off your shoes and lie on your back, spread your arms out to the sides of the floor.
  • Raise your legs, resting your heels together in the center of the ball.


  • Lift your pelvis until your body is in a straight line: shoulders-pelvis-knees-heels.
  • Pull the ball with your heels, bending your knees and transferring your weight to the ball.
  • Stop the movement when you bend your legs at the knees and the ball moves towards you, with your feet completely on its surface.
  • Release to executive position 1. or preparation position 3. and repeat.


  • do not allow the ball to move sideways
  • after each repetition when you return the ball to position 3, adjust the heel comfortably, as the ball may have shifted
  • do not bend your back, keep it straight

Thigh flexion with a Swiss ball can be used by people aimed at improving the ability to balance and coordinate, as well as improve strength endurance and tone of the back thigh muscles.

Thigh folding with a Swiss ball
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