10 reasons why your muscles are not growing


10 Reasons Your Muscles Have Stopped Growing

Building muscle is not just about coming to the gym, lifting something a few times and going to the mirror to watch your progress. If you’re wondering why muscles don’t come despite exercise, the following 10 reasons may help you realize where you’re making a mistake.

1. You are impatient

If you start exercising and do not see any changes after two weeks, do not give up. During this time, your body improved communication between the brain and muscles, as well as coordination. Eventually, however, there will be visible changes, but patience must also be used. Also, do not have exaggerated expectations, progress will come, but not from day to day.

2. You don’t keep a diary

Writing down training plans and progress is as important as the training itself. As you keep a diary, you will know what to do that day to ensure progress. You need to write down the exercises, the number of sets, repetitions, weights and even the breaks between sets or the pace of the exercises. Based on this, you can also look back at where you made a mistake in the past or find out what was effective for you.

3. You do not have a solid training structure

You cannot be instinctive and guess what you will do next during training. You already have to come to the gym with a plan that you are just fulfilling. You should make schedules to ensure that in each workout you proceed systematically to more weights or more repetitions, and you do not lose track of what to do.

4. You do too much cardio

If your goal is to gain muscle mass, one of the basic mistakes is that you spend a lot of time on aerobic activities, whether it is a stationary bike or participating in various sports. Such activities should be kept to a minimum to ensure sufficient energy for training, regeneration and muscle building.

5. You have head problems

When you have too much negative stress in your life, it will eventually affect the chemistry of the whole body and your health. It’s easier said, but you really should calm down. Find a quiet job, a girlfriend who will not create a drama for you, learn to meditate and drink plenty of water. Sleep 8 hours a day and watch your progress. The less stress you have, the better you will recover from training.

10 reasons your muscles have stopped growing

6. You eat little food

Do you want to gain mass? You have to eat. In order for muscles to grow, you need to take the right amount of protein and carbohydrates, as well as calories. You should take in more energy than you expend, so stop eating junk food and don’t eat like a bird, but create a nutrition plan with enough nutrients to stick to.

7. You cheat on repetitions

It is very common, but half repetitions are part of the exercisers. However, they deceive no one but themselves. Don’t be so sure and do your repetitions honestly to the full extent of the repetition. Use less weight instead. If you do something halfway, you will also achieve half the results.

8. Avoid heavy exercise

Biceps lifts, forearms, straps are all good exercises, but they should not play directly in your workout. At the beginning of the training and its larger portion, they should consist of demanding multi-joint exercises such as deadlifts, squats, pressures or pull-ups. Isolated exercises should come after them.

9. You are addicted to the gym

It hurts a lot and this saying could also be applied during exercise. If you spend hours in the gym, this will increase the level of stress in your body, make it easier to overtrain and your results will not only be slowed down, but there may also be a loss of muscle mass. Rest is very important and one workout should not exceed 60 minutes.

10. Avoid dropping series

The discarded series are a proven method of increasing the intensity of training and increase the potential for muscle growth. However, many people avoid them because they are demanding. However, if you give them a chance, you will see that you will fall in love with them for the pumping that you will feel after them.

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10 reasons why your muscles are not growing
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