Biceps flexion machine

Biceps flexion machine
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Folding a machine is a simple isolation exercise that allows emphasis on each of the biceps heads and / or brachialis. The movement is performed on a machine type “cattle folding” or a machine imitating “folding with dumbbells from a standing / sitting position”.

Depending on the type of simulator and the settings, you can insulate each of the flexors of the elbow joints. The technique is easy to learn, which makes the exercise suitable for all trainees without restrictions in training experience.


Biceps flexion can be dangerous if:

  • training with hypermobile joints, which fully extend their elbows when lowering the weight.
  • training with chronic injuries of the elbows or wrists (tennis elbow, golf elbow, tendovagenitis) and their adjacent tendons and nerves.
  • people with poor control of the shoulder girdle when performing power cheating with shoulders.

Participating muscles

Agonists (Dynamists)

  • Biceps, short heads (Biceps brachii, short head) – a leading agonist in the implementation of a machine type “Cattle folding” and shortened amplitude;


  • Biceps, long heads (Biceps brachii, long head) – a leading agonist in the performance of a machine type “Folding dumbbells from a standing position”;
  • Brachialis – leading synergist in a machine type “Cattle folding” and extended amplitude;
  • Brachioradialis – a leading synergist in a hammer folding machine.

Extras and dynamic stabilizers

  • A wide group of adductors and depressors of the shoulder girdle
  • Triceps (Triceps brachii)
  • Wrist flexors

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According to the type of machine

There are several types of machines according to the presence / absence of a board for elbow support and according to its location:

  • Cattle folding machine – the board is located at a different angle to the floor, the angle varies greatly from model to model. Some are even horizontal to the floor. This type of machine mimics a barbell / dumbbell folding and allows settings through which the trainee can change the location of the critical point and the length of the folding curve. Most often, the curves of these machines emphasize the inner heads and brachialis.
  • Machine type ” folding with dumbbells from a standing / sitting position “ – most often there is no support board or the same functions are performed by cushions at the end of each elbow next to the seat of the machine. Allows longer amplitude, which increases the role of the outer heads and brachioradialis. The emphasis is determined by the grip that the machine allows.
  • Machine type “Chukovo folding” – this is the machine with or without board and cushions that mimics Chukovo folding dumbbell by limiting or restricting the dynamics of the grip. The parallel grip in this case gives a leading role to the external biceps heads and brachioradialis.

There are a lot of conventions in the descriptions above, due to the differences from model to model.

According to the type of grip

  • Supinated – emphasizes the brachialis and inner heads. Grip for strength endurance, accents and shape.
  • Semi-supinated – balances the load between the heads. Grip for strength, endurance and mass.
  • Neutral – actively involves brachioradialis in the movement, which increases the overall strength of the fold. The leading role is played by the outer heads. Grip for strength, endurance and mass.
  • Dynamic – accents vary. They allow smooth transfer and play with critical points and fatigue between the heads of the biceps and other flexors. Grip for shape, strength endurance and accents.

Execution of biceps flexion of a machine type “Squat flexion


  • Adjust the machine according to your height and the length of your arms.
  • Do a few light repetitions of the test to determine the exact grip and amplitude for your purpose. The machines create a lot of inconvenience when setting up. The bonuses come with the experience of using them.


  • Choose the training weight. Bend down and pick up the handle without sitting down.
  • Fold your arms and choose your grip.
  • Sit on the bench and position your body in a comfortable position. Move your legs forward and step firmly on the floor.
  • Repetition begins with the negative part.
  • Start lowering slowly and in a controlled manner until you extend your elbows to about 150-165 degrees and try to inhale at the same time.
  • Hold, then start folding as high as you can. Exhale at the end of the amplitude.
  • Hold at the peak point and start a new repetition.

Comments and recommendations

  • The comfortable position is not the one that allows you to lift a lot of weight, but the one that ensures your control over the movement without moving the shoulder girdle up and down or shifting the position of the elbows.
  • The position of the elbows depends on the amplitude, emphasis and goals. In any case, they should not be more than a centimeter inward or outward relative to the wrists.
  • In case you want to extend your series, ask someone to assist you with the last 2-3 reps, instead of relying on a cross and a shoulder girdle. This can save you an injury.

Fitness and fitness training

The biceps flexion machine is relatively easy to perform, so it is suitable for the first biceps exercise for beginner fitness enthusiasts. Intermediate and advanced can place it as a second or third exercise in their biceps program. Its presence seems logical in mass and shape schemes.

Strength and strength training

The design of the machine allows explosive folds, but requires controlled release. It does not offer a safe opportunity for cheating and as a simple movement has little potential for use in strength and strength-conditioning programs. Exceptions are the schemes for return / change of the power balance of the flexors.

Simply put, some trainees bend their elbows, relying mainly on the pair of outer heads and brachioradialis, while others rely on the inner and brachialis. The balanced version assumes relatively equal strength in both forms of execution – with elbows, further away from the wrists and with elbows, further inward from the wrists.

Fitness bodybuilding

Flexing a biceps machine is an excellent technique for bodybuilding fans. The movement allows you to play with the intensity of flexion at different points in the amplitude. This is done by changing the stand, machine settings and one-handed assistance. The good thing about the machine is that it does not allow swinging left and right, which can happen when some of the key stabilizers or synergists are exhausted.

Put machine bending as a third or fourth exercise in your biceps program. It is suitable for use in schemes for strength endurance, volume and shape.

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Biceps flexion machine
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