4 most common mistakes when gaining muscles and their solution

4 most common mistakes when gaining muscles and their solution

10 Common Muscle Building Mistakes | How to Beast

These four most common mistakes relate to the male figure and fortunately there are proven recipes to eliminate them!

It’s hard to get a perfect figure, although some have been helped by genetics, but hard work and determination are behind it anyway. For those of us who have not been genetically blessed, we must struggle with common physical deficiencies, some of which are hereditary, while others are the result of our own wrong efforts, ignorance, or lack of attention. I do not promise you secrets for a perfect figure, but I offer a possible correction to these four mistakes in the male figure.

Error 1  –  Soaked top and thin legs

This is by far the most common body imbalance you will see in almost every man who likes to lift weights. Most guys love to train their chest and arms. The back and shoulders follow right after. If you happen to miss a workout, just rely on your great protein powder . The result of all this is that over time your upper body, which looks robust and  full of strength , is attached to the lower body of someone who looks weak and small. The advice is: Finally, start training even those damn legs! In fact, they should work at least twice a week to catch up. Effective trainingfeet is not easy. It is a brutal job, but the result is worth it. So start working on squats and foot dumpsters. When you do this, your lower body will eventually look as strong and muscular as your upper half, and you will have a much more impressive and complete body position.

Error 2  –  You have a wide belt

You can thank your parents for this, because your bone structure is 100% genetically determined and the skeleton is the framework on which you build your muscles . The ideal figure is almost always characterized by the letter V, that is, the visual effect of the wide shoulders and upper back, which taper to a narrower waist, which many of us simply cannot achieve. Your bones are what they are. That’s bad news. The good news is that you can work out side deltas, and if you work properly on top, it will create wide shoulders and all this will cause a narrowing effect.

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Error 3 – Chest imbalance

Many of us, in view of the elaborate chest, forget that there is an upper, middle and lower part of the chest. Most then choose the wrong exercises, with the result that the middle and lower parts tend to be highly developed, while the upper part of the assembly is flat and shallow. Over time, this results in a decreasing chest, which means that muscle mass is concentrated in the lower area. At the very least, start training the upper chest with dumbbells, any lifting that is aimed at the upper chest is what you need. When you exercise the upper part really thoroughly, you can add exercises to the whole chest. You don’t have to worry about the center and bottom loosening for now. As soon as you have your chest soaked from the clavicle to the end of your chest, you can be sure that your appearance will be captivated in every crowd and in everything you wear.

Error 4 –  You look soft like a jelly

Many guys seem to be stuck in the constant off-season, and when they need to gain muscle mass, they rush to eat enough in excess of enough to make a profit. They also often stop practicing cardio for fear of losing honest calories. The net result of excessive calorie intake and limited calorie burning is a soft-looking body, with an increase in muscle masswhich is hidden under the amount of jelly. Even if you try to gain weight in your muscle mass, avoid headless eating of everything you find. Forget fast food, pizza, biscuits, cakes, cones, ice cream, candies, fries and fried foods. Don’t even drink fruit smoothies that are loaded with sugar. Start eating fresh food and grilled or roasted meat such as fish, chicken, also lean pork or turkey, oatmeal, rice, sweet potatoes and raw vegetables. As for carbohydrates, start reducing their amount until you reach a daily dose that will give you enough energy for your training and everyday life. And finally, just do some damn cardio! Although, 20-30 minutes after your strength training. You don’t have to worry about losing honest gains; on the contrary, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that declining body fat helps restore your metabolism and increases the results of your training. You may be lighter on the weight, but everyone will tell you how you look bigger, manier and more muscular.

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4 most common mistakes when gaining muscles and their solution
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