4 day fitness training for muscle mass

4 day fitness training for muscle mass

The Best 4-Day Workout Split for Gaining Muscle MassIf you want to try something new, something different, to “ignite” your muscles by pumping, then this is your training program.

Description of the training program

  • Main goal: increase muscle mass
  • Type of training: Split
  • Training level: advanced
  • Duration of the program: eight weeks
  • Days of the week: four
  • Training duration: 45-60 minutes
  • Necessary equipment: lever, dumbbells, own weight, machines
  • Gender: men and women

Four-day training split

  • First day  – Back, Biceps, cardio
  • Second day  – Chest, Triceps, Abdomen and Cardio
  • Third day  – Rest
  • Fourth day  – Thighs and Calves
  • Fifth day  – Shoulders, Trapezius, forearm, abdomen and cardio
  • Sixth day  – Rest
  • Seventh day  – Rest

Explanations of the training program

  1. This four-day training program is very heavy, so you need a very good recovery and a diet with excess calories. What percentage of this calorie excess is depends on you and your goals.
  2. At the end of each workout, you should do cardio for 20 minutes, performing as follows. Four minutes of walking at an incline of 15% at 5 speed and then a minute of sprinting on the trail without an incline. And so you repeat 4 times, a total of 20 minutes of cardio. Cardio will help you recover better, have more appetite and gain more muscle mass with less fat.
  3. Before each basic exercise, do two warm-up sets. The first with a very light weight, and the second with a weight of about 50% of the first working series. Basic exercises are those that are performed with free weights such as bench press, squats, pull-ups, rowing, shoulder presses and others.
  4. Do stretching at the beginning and end of your workout. It is extremely important. It will help you recover your muscles better, have better flexibility and plasticity.

Methodology of the training program

The goal of the training program is to put a lot of strain on the muscles to make them grow. Train almost to failure. Do repetitions until you feel that you will not be able to do one more or if you perform the exercise wrong. Try to increase the workload. If you perform the repetitions easily, increase the weight. The last two or three repetitions must be very difficult to perform.

For each muscle group, you have one exercise that is performed for five minutes. Yes exactly! The goal is to “ignite” the muscle by pumping. The workload is very serious. Choose a weight with which to do 12-15 repetitions. In five minutes you should do as many repetitions as possible. You do 15, rest a little, then another 10, rest again and so on until the five minutes have passed. Rest enough to fix your grip and breathing. This series is done at the end of the workout for a muscle when it is already tired. It is very important to endure these five minutes, even if you take long breaks.


Back and Biceps Workout

Back Training

Exercise Series Repetitions
Hyperextension 2 15-20
Dead Lift 2 5
Dumbell rows 3 8-12
Pull down front with wide grip (Pull down) 3 10-12
Barbell Row 3 8-12
Seated Cable Rows 1 5 minutes to “ignition”

Biceps workout

Exercise Series Repetitions
Cattle folding with a barbell 3 10-12
Concentration Curls 3 10-12
Folding dumbbells from a bed at an angle of 45 degrees 1 5 minutes to “ignition”



Workout for Chest, Triceps and Abdomen

Chest workout

Exercise Series Repetitions
Bench Press 3 6-10
Ejecting dumbbells from a half-legged position 3 8-12
Buckets (Dips) 3 to failure
Crossover 3 12-15
Pushing dumbbells out of a leg or chest machine 1 5 minutes to “ignition”

Triceps workout

Exercise Series Repetitions
French (Triceps Extension) 3 8-12
Unfolding a dumbbell behind the head 3 8-12
Triceps Cable Pull-downs 1 5 minutes to “ignition”

Abdominal training

Exercise Series Repetitions
Knees Raise (Legs Raise) 4 20
Prayer (Cable Crunch) 4 20
Abdominal presses (Crunches) 1 5 minutes to “ignition”




Training for Thighs and Calves

Training for Thighs

Exercise Series Repetitions
Squat 3 6-10
Leg Press 3 15-20
Lunges or hacken squats 3 8-12
Leg Extensions 1 5 minutes to “ignition”
Roman draft (Stiff Leg Deadlift) 3 8-12
Leg Curls 1 5 minutes to “ignition”

Training for Calves

Exercise Series Repetitions
Calf Levers 4 12-15
Calf raises 1 5 minutes to “ignition”




Training for Shoulders, Trapeze, Forearms and Abdomen

Shoulder training

Exercise Series Repetitions
Shoulder Presses 3 6-10
Lateral raises 3 10-15
Shoulder presses on a smith machine in front 1 5 minutes to “ignition”
Lifting dumbbells to the side when leaning forward 3 8-10
Dumbbell Shrug 3 10
Helicopter (Upright rows) 2 10

Forearm training

Exercise Series Repetitions
Folding for forearms with a barbell 4 10

Abdominal training

Exercise Series Repetitions
Knees Raise (Legs Raise) 4 20
Prayer (Cable Crunch) 4 20
Abdominal presses (Crunches) 1 5 minutes to “ignition”

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4 day fitness training for muscle mass
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