Chest training in superseries

Chest training in superseries

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If you are tired of the monotonous breast training or you are stagnant, try this breast training program in superseries. Superseries will help you pump up more and finish your workout faster. In addition, you will train more intensely, which means that your muscles will grow more during the recovery period.

What are superseries?

Superseries can be defined as one of the greatest discoveries in bodybuilding. In addition to being a very good training method, supersets promote greater activation of muscle fibers and create a “shock” in the muscles, leading to new muscle growth.

Superseries are a combination of two or more exercises with similar levels of movement, which aim to achieve the maximum amount of work in a particular muscle group (s), thus promoting the pace of development of a particular muscle group (s). It is characteristic of the superseries that the exercises are performed without a break between them. For example, you start by pushing a barbell out of a half-legged position and immediately after that you make a fly from a normal leg.

By training in this way, you can save time, increase the intensity of your workout and work your muscles more efficiently. On the other hand, you will probably have to reduce the weights you usually train with, as this type of training is much more intense and more voluminous.


Let’s start with the chest workout

Each superseries combines two movements – one pushing and one stretching. If you want to shock your chest muscles, it is better to completely change your training program. You start with free weights because in the beginning you have more strength and when you get tired you switch to machines or exercises with your own weight without reducing the intensity.

For starters, I recommend 5-10 minutes of warming up the body in order to avoid injuries. This can be done with slight rotating movements of the individual parts of the body – neck, shoulders, waist, knees, ankles, etc. Do a warm-up series of several chest exercises to get some blood into the working muscle before you start the main workout. Then we move on to the real part of the workout.

SUPERSERIA №1 Ejection of a bar from a semi-leg in a superseries with Flys from a semi-leg

For most people, their upper chest lags behind, so start your chest workout with exercises for that part. At the beginning of your workout, you have the most strength and will put the best load on your upper chest. We start by pushing the barbell out of the half-legged position so that we can use heavy weights and then without rest we move on to the other exercise. Make sure you adjust the inclination of the bench and bench so that you load your chest, not your shoulders.


Strive to increase the weight with each subsequent series. The repetitions will decrease accordingly. Strive to perform the exercises correctly without overweight. Perform the movement slowly and in a controlled manner, always trying to think about the working muscle during the exercise. Do one working series (12 repetitions) and then three working ones, 10, 8, 6 repetitions, respectively. We recommend that you do not fall below 8 repetitions during the flys exercise, but only on the bench. You do not need to use heavy weights in this type of exercise such as flysch, peck-deck and crossover.

SUPERSERIA №2 Flys from leg in superseries with Ejection of dumbbells from leg

The second seperseries includes two exercises for the middle part of the chest. A leg fly will stretch a muscle and prepare it for blood flow due to pumping by pushing dumbbells out of a leg. Do 10 reps of the fly and then with the same dumbbells do 10 reps pushing the dumbbells out of the leg. If they are light, you can take heavier ones, it would be good.


Do three work series with the last series to failure, but only when pushing dumbbells out of bed. If you do 10 reps relatively easily, you need to increase the weight. Choose a weight with which to do 8 repetitions yourself and 2 with help. Call someone to help you with the last iterations.


SUPERSERIA №3 Peck Deck in a superseries with pushing a breast machine

When you get to this superseries, the power decreases and all you have to do is tear the muscle fibers as much as possible on a hot day and then switch to the machine. These exercises are more isolating, do not allow heavy weights, their purpose is to tear the muscle fibers and then fill the muscle with blood. At Peck Deck, try to hold for a second the moment you gather your arms and stretch your chest well in the starting position. And when pushing the machine, try to tighten the chest while pushing and stretch them while releasing. Think about the working muscle all the time.


Chest training in superseries
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