Four-week fitness training program for beginners

Four-week fitness training program for beginners


This four-week fitness training program is designed for absolute beginners in the gym or for people who have not trained for a long time and are now starting again.

Very often we receive inquiries from our readers about a training program for beginners. What exercises to do, how to combine muscle groups, how much time to rest between sets, how many times a week to go to the gym, how many sets and how many repetitions to perform and many other questions.

Therefore, in this article we will show you a training program for absolute beginners or for people who have not trained for a long time and are now starting again. You will see what exercises you need to do, how to perform them correctly so as not to injure yourself and get the most out of them, how many sets and how many repetitions to do and how to combine muscle groups.

Recommendations and guidelines

  1. Warm up – before the start of each workout, warm up for 5-10 minutes on an exercise bike and 4-5 minutes for warming up the wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. Rest for a minute, a minute and a half between sets and 2 minutes between exercises. Do 1-2 warm-up sets before starting work.
  2. Execution technique – start with basic exercises that are easier to perform and the chance of injury is lower. If you do not know how to perform any of the exercises, click on it and you will receive additional information. Do not get carried away with heavy weights, first learn how to perform the exercises correctly and then increase the weight. Do not underestimate this rule. The idea of ​​this four-week training program is to get in shape and learn how to perform each exercise properly.
  3. Increase the weights gradually- A big mistake for most beginners is that they carry heavier weights and the chance of injury is very high. Now I will explain to you what determines whether to increase the weight or decrease it, ie. how to adjust your workload. If you have to perform ten repetitions of a given weight on a program, and you can easily do thirteen repetitions with a good technique of execution, this means that you can increase the workload. But if you do eight reps instead of ten, then you need to reduce the weight. The idea is to perform the last two repetitions with difficulty and not to spoil the technique of execution. If a program tells you to do eight reps for a series and you do just that and the last two are hard, but all with good technique, then that’s your weight and don’t change it.
  4. Recover – as you know our muscles grow while we rest. Therefore, the harder we train, the better we should rest. Try to sleep 8-9 hours a night. In addition to sleep, you also need good food. To achieve your goal more easily, no matter what it is, you need to eat healthy.
  5. Reverse Pyramid – Notice that the repetitions increase in each subsequent series. This is called the reverse pyramid. As I told you before you start the work series, warm up well and do 1-2 warm-up series. An inverted pyramid means reducing the weight and increasing the reps with each successive series.


Brief summary of the training program

  • First week – training for the whole body
  • Second week – two-day training split – training for the upper and training for the lower part
  • Third week – three-day training split – training for “pushing” / “pulling” muscle groups and legs
  • Fourth week – four-day training split

Recommended food supplements

  • Whey protein – YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ultra Whey COMPLEX
  • Amino acids BCAA – YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Bcaa POWDER 8: 1: 1 300 g / 54 doses
  • Amino acids – Glutamine – YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Glutamass POWDER 600 g / 120 doses
  • Creatine SAN Performance Creatine
  • Multivitamins – OLIMP VITA-MIN Multiple Sport
  • Testosterone booster – OLIMP Tribusteron 90
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids – NOW Omega 3 Fish Oil

As the title suggests, the training program will be for four weeks. The purpose of this four-week training program is to teach you how to perform the exercises properly and gradually adapt your body to this stress. Therefore, each week will gradually increase the load, intensity and volume of training. A big mistake for most beginners is to train too much in the beginning and then have very heavy and long muscle cramps, which sometimes prevents them from moving forward.



Four-week fitness training program for beginners
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