5 exercises you need to do


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Everyone should practice. Many people also exercise, others plan to start. To get started, you need to include the following five exercises in your workouts. If you are already exercising, make sure you do not ignore any of them.

There are hundreds of exercises and to say that these are the best ones is not appropriate. However, they are key to muscle stimulation and it is better if you have them included in the program.

1. Squats

Squats are the best exercise for the legs and general strength. They burn a lot of calories because they involve big muscles in the action. In addition to the thighs, they also affect the buttocks and calves. Most people can do several without a barbell. However, it is important to gain weight with progress. You can use one-handed arms next to the body or a large barbell placed on the shoulders. However, there are other variations and without dumbbells you can complicate them by doing them with one leg.

2. Lunges

Another exercise focused on the legs is lunges. Compared to squats, they target the back of the legs more, the so-called hamstrings, and ass. Due to the time and amount of sitting, they are a necessary exercise. After sitting, these muscles weaken and cause many metabolic disorders. Performing lunges is simple – it’s basically just a big step forward with a bend in the legs.

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3. Bends

The flexions are good for the development of the back and arms (biceps). This is probably the most challenging exercise of the five, because it requires the right technique and enough strength. Still, you pull the whole weight of your body up. However, it is a brilliant exercise that will improve your upper body and burn a lot of calories. It is the basis if you want to build the famous “lid”. Although it is possible that you will not do a single repetition in the beginning, do not give up.

4. Cranks

Cranks are also important for the development of the upper body. This is another classic exercise in which you use only your own body. They primarily stimulate the chest, but also the shoulders and triceps. If you do it right, the abdominal muscles are also involved in the action. They are relatively undemanding even for beginners and there are many different variations. They are suitable for both men and women.

5. Board

As for the abdominal muscles, neither the shorteners nor the leg lifts are in front of the board in this direction. This is a very simple exercise in which you do not have to do anything. You just put yourself in the right position and try to stay in it. Your body is straight like a board. The longer you are in such a position, the more difficult the exercise. A lot of muscles are involved in the action, but most of them are those from the middle of the body.

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5 exercises you need to do
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