FOR WOMEN A 30-minute workout that gives strength to the whole body



Do you want to build a stronger and poorer figure? We bring you a workout that will train your whole body from head to toe in just 30 minutes. You do not need any special aids for the exercise and it is suitable for various fitness levels.

This training can be done almost anywhere. You don’t have to go to the gym, you can work it out at home, outside and with a little improvisation in the hotel room. It uses only its own body weight and load, which can be one-arms, a large barbell, kettlebell or a bag of sand.

The whole training is divided into three phases. The first works directly as a warm-up and lasts 5 minutes. During it, you will perform an excellent exercise of Turkish erection or “turkish get up” in English. They will train your whole body, work on your coordination and flexibility.

Rotate your hands every five repetitions. If five minutes have elapsed and you have two repetitions left to practice with your other hand, for example, rehearse them within five to do the same number of repetitions on each side.

The second phase concerns the lower body. Gradually, you will make deadlifts, lunges and front squats without a break. Each exercise should be done in 10 repetitions and a break of 60 seconds after the last one. Subsequently, this whole gigantic series is repeated three more times.

The last phase of training, which is already focused on the upper part of the body, is practiced in the same way. Gradually, relocation and throwing exercises (typically with a large barbell, but also with one-handed or kettlebell), cranks and shorteners will be practiced.

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30-minute full body workout
Exercise Series Repetitions
Turkish uprising 1 5 minutes
The gigantic series
Front Squats
4 10
Gigantic series
Relocation and throw
4 10
FOR WOMEN A 30-minute workout that gives strength to the whole body
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