For beginners about training

Every beginner believes that success will come quickly by copying the training of the more advanced boys in the gym. When you enter the gym you will hear a lot of different information on how to train

Everyone more advanced than you has modeled their training program according to the requirements and genetic characteristics of their body. It is important to understand that the repetitions, exercises, series, principles and theories for each person are individual.

Over time, you will learn how to train properly, how to eat and how to recover. To do this, you need basic knowledge and information.

How to start?

Let’s first define the term beginner. This is a man who has never entered a hall before. But the category of beginners also includes those who have not trained for a long time.

Beginners should not neglect and skip the main programs. Do not rush to split systems and to special exercises. A typical training program for beginners.  In bodybuilding, it is very important to lay a solid foundation – a guarantee of future success. Every beginner should strive for basic exercises. Namely: deadlift ,  rowing with a barbell ,  squatting with a barbell ,  pushing a barbell from a leg ,  shoulder presses ,  pushing a barbell from a leg with a narrow grip,  biceps flexion with a standing barbell

Injuries in beginners are most often caused by the desire to lift as much as possible, and as soon as possible. One of the most important things you need to know and learn is not to get carried away by heavy weights. Do not increase the series, repetitions and exercises until you are really ready for it.


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First the big muscle groups

Remember this golden rule – in each workout, start with the big muscle groups first, and then train the small ones. This means first the legs, back and chest, then the shoulders and arms. Large muscle groups require more energy. If you train your arms first, for example, your energy potential will decrease and you will not be able to stimulate the chest muscles that you train afterwards. In addition, small muscle groups put a lot of strain on training large ones, and this is another reason for them to train after them.

What weights to use?

This is a question to which no one can give you an unambiguous answer. It all depends on your physical data, so you will have to look for the answer yourself. What weights to use also depends on your goals. If your goals are muscle progress – more weights, respectively fewer repetitions. But if your goal is to “clear” excess fat – just the opposite. Less weights, more reps and less breaks between sets.


Proper performance of the exercises requires proper breathing. Before we start the exercises, we take a deep breath. When we are in the starting position of each exercise (this is usually the position from which the most difficult part of the exercise begins), exhale, controlling your breath until you reach the final position. Remember to inhale during the easiest part of the exercise and exhale during the most difficult part.

How important are weekends?

Всеки начинаещ е изпълнен с ентусиазъм за трениране и почивните дни му изглеждат като загубени. Малкото упражнения няма да стимулират растежа на вашата мускулатура, така също и многото упражнения няма да доведат до желания резултат.

Повечето начинаещи постигат много добър растеж. Ако можеше това да продължи дълго! Но не може. Много скоро феноменалния растеж се забавя и начинаещия бодибилдър навлиза в зоната на застой. Вече е нужен по-голям интензитет, за да се постигне някакъв растеж.

Затова трябва да оставите тялото ви да почине и да се възстанови. Следвайте точно програмата за начинаещ и не тренирайте допълнително с мисълта, че това ще ускори растежа не тялото ви. Нищо такова няма да се случи.


Do you want us to prepare for you a personal training program and / or diet, to monitor your development and together to achieve the desired results?

Learn more about the services

Most people have lagging muscle groups that need more attention in order to build a beautiful and symmetrical body, so you need a specially designed training program, which is:

  • Created for your goals and capabilities
  • According to your training level
  • Tailored to your lifestyle
  • Tailored to diseases if you have any
  • Communication and monitoring of results within 30 days

You should know that there is no universal way of training that can give equally good results for different people. Everyone has different genetic predispositions that determine the development of his body. Therefore, you need an individual training program tailored to your lifestyle, your goals, your training experience and the free time you have. We can prepare a training program especially for you. For more information, write us a personal message in the contact form, e-mail [email protected] or click on the photo.

What will you get?

  • Description of the training program – what and how to train. Technique of performing each exercise.
  • Link to each exercise, how it is performed, how many sets and repetitions.
  • Rest time between sets and individual exercises.
  • Emphasis on certain muscle groups if necessary.
  • Different training methods.
  • Communication and monitoring of results within 30 days

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For beginners about training
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