The little things for big results

The little things for big results

Gaining muscle mass is not an easy task. Many novice bodybuilders think that if they eat a lot or eat steroids (chemistry) they will gain muscle mass. Yes but no. Eating a lot does not mean eating “junk” (fried, pasta, fatty foods). When you eat such things you will only gain fat. There is nothing mysterious about large muscle mass. To achieve it you only need to grit your teeth.

Here are some basic rules that will help you.

First the basic exercises

Basic (basic) exercises are mandatory because they do not have ropes, cables as in machines. They allow you to use heavy weights, to do “cheating”. In addition to being present in your training, you should also give them a proper place. Always start with the basic exercises, followed by the isolated ones. This way your muscle will be well prepared and filled with blood. After that, the effectiveness of the isolated exercises will be greater.


The method of implementation

The way you perform an exercise is probably the most important moment in building muscle mass. If you want to have a strong and healthy body, do not isolate the muscles. Don’t get carried away by the theory that “cheating.”  violates good separation. On the contrary – general exercises load and develop more muscles in a given area and therefore there will be something to work on in your separation. In addition, our main goal is to increase muscle mass, not to make relief or separation.

Do not miss lifting from a bed

Along with squats, this exercise is of particular importance and importance. Professionals were also beginners, but there is certainly an exercise in all these years of development that they have never stopped doing. Namely:  Pushing the bar from the leg.

Pushing the barbell out of bed is the most basic and basic exercise for building the pectoral muscle. Present in absolutely every chest workout – if not from a horizontal position, then at least from a semi-recumbent or reverse position. The bar should be straight, no matter the size. The grip should be wider than shoulder width. If you want a table, do fewer repetitions with more breaks between sets. And if you’re aiming for the exact opposite – a muscle shaper, do more reps with fewer breaks.

A few tips: lower the lever to the lower part of the chest, thus reducing the possibility of injuries (lowering to the upper part of the chest or neck puts a heavy load on the shoulder joint); very lightly touch the lever to the chest – start imperceptibly and never push the weight with your chest.



Identify areas that need improvement

Assess your physique to determine which muscle groups need to increase or improve, and with that in mind, enter the gym. Train the targeted muscles first. Train them the day after the break. Start with lever exercises and then with dumbbells. Use violins at the end of the workout. Don’t look at violin exercises as exercises to build muscle mass.

Mass and relief

There is hardly a bodybuilder in the world who gains lean, quality muscle mass. Certainly you are not one of them. Therefore, if you decide to gain lean muscle mass, do not pay attention to the fact that the quality of the muscles is not good, that you are not relief. This is normal, so things are in order – first the table, then the clearing.

Anyone who does fitness would like to gain muscle mass and “burn” fat at the same time. Most men who train usually want to reduce their waist circumference and increase the size of their arms at the same time. Unfortunately, this is very difficult to achieve. As I said – first the table, then the clearing.

Do not skip the heating. Avoid injuries

A well-warmed muscle is significantly less prone to injury than a cold, stiff muscle. Start each workout with a general warm-up until you sweat, then warm up with a light series of the exercise ahead. A series is much more complete if the muscle is warmed up.

Be careful with dangerous exercises. Squats and pushing a barbell out of bed, for example, carry a high risk, so be careful. There are many cases of torn and stretched muscles and loose discs. Good knowledge and good performance can provide you with better growth in such exercises, while at the same time reducing the likelihood of injury. Success!

The little things for big results
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